The Unexamined Fisherman

March 8, 2017

Present at the Editorial Table

Marion Wrenn

Jason Schneiderman

Tim Fitts

Sara Aykit

Samantha Neugebauer


Engineering Producer

Joe Zang


For the first time ever, we review a piece of nonfiction, “The Art of Fishing” by Keith Rebec

Keith Rebec has been backpacking around the world since October 2015. He is the editor-in-chief of Pithead Chapelan online literary journal of gutsy narratives and small print press, and he’s currently working on a novel. You can visit him, even as he travels, at

“Art of Fishing” creates a riveting discussion on genre, racism, voice, and identity. The editors in this episode all appreciate Rebec’s craft and point of view of an underrepresented culture. He presents a non-judgemental depiction of grotesque and brutal acts of exclusion. Our editorial table had a great time discussing the difference between resiliency and rationalization, and the merits of nonfiction in a piece that is, as Jason puts it, “muscular, gorgeous and direct with a lot of sentiment.”

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